“Il Marinaio” (The Sailor), a municipal property, is a very beautiful work made by Giampaolo Talani, an artist of San Vincenzo and is considered the true landmark of San Vincenzo. The imposing statue, seven metres high, is positioned on the promenade of the new touristic harbour.

It represents a man sailing on the sea of the life with its paper small boat of dreams and with the feet dipped in salt water, accompanied by his hearth love.
For Talani the sailor is the man sailing metaphorically the sea of the existence and at the same time he remember us the real sea voyages. He is romantic but at the same time bold, too. He casts us in the adventure world but at the same time he reminds us our comforting foreshores.

He is an explorer and not a conqueror, like Vespucci: he is the man of the Renaissance looking for a new world, he wants to be for the contemporaries a deep recall to keep alive the tension towards knowledge and beauty that in the past created many extraordinary expressions in Tuscany.