The route where wines like sassicaia and ornellaia are made, famous throughout the world, and the prestigious doc bolgheri val di cornia and montescudaio. This journey will take you through the vineyards that gave birth to this wine lovers haven, while allowing you to accustom yourself with the culinary ties to the territory and its local delicacies such as, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, honey and an array of bee products, baked bread from wood fired ovens, cheeses, cured meats, and preserves.

Terratico di bibbona Doc 

Visitors begin the itinerary from the north to head south through the vast hillside vineyards of Nugola. Viticulture tradition runs deep in the landscape here and predates written history, having been well known for its rich sandy soil rich in iron oxide.

Montescudaio Doc

This area finds its largest landmark in the extensive Cecina River valley which creates a circulation of fresh air during the summer months and tends to moderate the temperatures. The vineyards in this area are generally found nestled in the hillsides making for elegantly crisp fragrant wines with solid structure and decisive intensity.

Bolgheri doc

Here the visitor is immersed in the heart of the Italian nouveau oenology scene. It is here that birth was given to one of the worlds most appraised wines breaking ground for that beloved term Super Tuscan.

Val di cornia

This territory is perhaps the most important cradle of Etruscan civilization. It is a natural geological extension of Elba Island and contains many of the same minerals which contribute to the quality of the wine.

Elba doc

Viticulturally speaking the isle of Elba is in the midst of a shimmering revival with it’s passiti dessert wines taking front stage as the unspoken protagonists. The Aleatico is one of the few wines in this category to be considered meditative