The Gulf of Baratti is a gulf in the north of the city of Piombino. The Gulf takes its name from the town of Baratti which is located to the south, where there are also Etruscan areas. In the Gulf of Baratti there is the Mediterranean forest.

In the archaeological park of Baratti-Populonia there are three routes linked together.

  1. Necropoli di S. Cerbone e Podere Casone. The necropolis is situated in the lower part of the park near the visitors centre (Podere San Cerbone). Visitors can admire the burial mounds and aedicola tombs of Populonia (7th – 6th
    centuries B.C.) showing the evolution of styles of funerary architecture. Over time this area became overlaid with slag from ancient metal-working activities. Easy. 1 hour
  2. Via del Ferro. A route between tumulus tombs and ancient buildings involved in the workings of iron, with interesting environmental features. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.
  3. Via delle Cave. A route within a dark wood dotted with ancient quarries for the extraction of the rocks for construction and  chamber tombs excavated into the rock. Along the way, a spectacular panorama over the Gulf of Baratti and the necropolis of the Caves. Duration: 2 hours.

There are also natural trekking such as : Spiaggia lunga, Cala San Quirico, Buca delle Fate, and the Gulf of Baratti, where nature has married archeology.