Some of the most beautiful Tuscan towns are just an hour far away by car from San Vincenzo. Here you find some trip advices of us:

Volterra (Pi) is magnificent. Etruscan capital with Etruscan, Roman and medieval evidences, The handcraft processing of alabaster is very interesting.

Livorno is a typical multi-ethnic and multicultural town. In 1500 it was a free port frequented by foreign traders. Its multi culture is evidenced by some important religious buildings. Its fortresses, pits and some quarters are very interesting. Amedeo Modigliani was born here. Livorno was the cradle of Tuscan Macchiaioli like Giovanni Fattori. You can visit a museum dedicated mostly to him. Its promenade is very beautiful and romantic.

Some of its locations have absolutely to be visited such as Piazza dei Miracoli (Miracles Square) so defined by D’Annunzio, the Leaning Tower, the Baptistry, the Cathedral and the Superior School Normale and the dockyard of Pisa, discovered during the enlargement of the railway network.