The archaological Park of Baratti and Populonia is presented as a arealo pena-air museem stretching between the slopes of the promontory of Piombino and the gulf of Baratti. The park shows the impressiveness of the industrial etruscan village and includes a significant
part of the ancient town of populonia, an etruscan settlement with its necropolises, the calcarenite quarries and the industrial working quarters. A lot of itineraries links the town’s residential area and its temples to the industrial area and the san cerbone necropolis and the Grotte necropolis . As in ancient times, the routes follow the original roads, crossing the woods and the mediterranean scrub and opening up to unexpected views alternating over the gulf of baratti and the island of Elba. One of these routes leads to another landscape, that of medieval times ( San Quirico). There is also an experimental archaeology centre and it is located in the lower part oft he park. At weekends in spring and every day in summer, adults and childreen can try out ancient techniques of stone working and pottery making.


Parco Archeologico di Baratti e Populonia
località Baratti, 57025 – Piombino (LI).